Holistic Practitioners,

Experience a value-driven practice without compromising your own well being.

We are the pioneers of the Pathway to Thrive Method, a proven methodology that enables holistic practitioners to build sustainable effective businesses through effective systematization, ethical profitability and strategic growth & retention strategies.

Graceful Growth. Aligned Practices. Reduced Overwhelm.

1. Generate More Profit

Often the first step is to make a current business more profitable so that you have the resources to invest in business systems and staff. Step 1 of the Business Accelerator Program is to help you increase profit without increasing ad spend.

2. Systematize Operations

Most business owners dove straight into the deep end and are now treading water. Systematizing operations is the cornerstone to scaling. Without efficient processes YOUR time will be waisted and your MONEY will be waisted on inefficient team.

3. Scale

Once your financial house and your back office systems are in order it is time to scale by leveraging other people's time so you can focus more ON the business instead of IN it. In Step 3 we cover who to hire, when, and how to move into a business OWNER space rather than an EMPLOYEE mindset.

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Organize Your Practice -
A 3 Day Challenge

Ready to Take Your Alternative Wellness Business to the Next Level?

Are you an alternative wellness practitioner juggling multiple hats, feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your business?
It's time to step out of the chaos and into clarity!

Join us for a 3 day challenge, where you'll unlock the secrets to organizing and streamlining your business for maximum efficiency and profit.
Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to success!


What You'll Discover:

- Learn the 5 Key Areas to Streamline Your Business

- Proven Strategies to Boost Profit and Efficiency

- Step-by-Step Guidance on Building Effective Systems

- Actionable Tips to Reclaim Your Valuable Time NOW!

But wait, there's more! Participants who join early and actively engage in the group will have the chance to WIN exciting prizes, including:

- 6 Months FREE Access to our Pre-Built CRM System with all the systems in place you need.

- Additional Prizes Valued at Over $3500!


I don't see how I can bring on team, what I do is not easily trained to others. Can this work for me?

That's a great question, and one many business owners face. The fact is that if you could learn the process so can someone else. The challenge is that most business owners get stumped here because what they do comes second-nature. The benefit of the Business Growth Accelerator is coaching and community filled with people who can help you put what you do into bite size steps.

Is my type of business ideal for this program?

This program will help product based businesses, service based business, or combination businesses. The financial training applies to all business owners and the marketing segments are tailored towards you. The community steps up offering a network of like-minds to help keep you accountable, offer feedback on ideas, and provide valuable 3rd party perspectives.

I don't know how to make financial decisions in my business because it's hard to gauge my working capital mid-month. Will this program help me?

Yes! This is a common question and the answer is learning more about the financial aspects of your business. You don't need a full accounting degree, but you do need to understand basics of finances, even if you don't manage them yourself. The Financial Training aspect of the Business Growth Accelerator will equipped you to make these important decisions.

I struggle with marketing. It feels so overwhelming. Will this program give me direction?

Part of the Business Growth Accelerator is having coach Lindsay 'on call' to help you with marketing. She acts like a fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) for your business by giving feedback on your marketing efforts through our community. Plus, you'll get a monthly 1:1 call with her to go deeper on strategy.

Why should I expect?

Increased Profit

Discover how to increase profit without increasing marketing spend. Increased revenue is NOT the same as increased profit. Income is money in your business, profit is money in YOUR pocket.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

By systematizing your business you will gain enhanced customer loyalty, plus peace of mind, and the ability to scale your team.


If you are looking to have more time freedom in your business, our 3 step method will help you achieve your goal.

Time Freedom

Set your sites on becoming an absentee owner, or at least an owner who oversees the business and is not in the trenches! You'll have more time to do what you love.

Your Coach

Lindsay Sutherland, your go-to business consultant, has conquered two decades in the automotive industry. When she's not cracking the business code, she's off horseback riding with Maverick or hiking up a nearby mountain. Lindsay's on a mission to help people build wildly successful businesses while living life on their terms. Her guiding star is empowerment—to empower individuals to seize control of their destinies. For her, entrepreneurship is about more than profits; it's about freedom and crafting a life where you call the shots. She knows firsthand the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, especially in the context of family. Her father's legacy lives on through her work, inspiring her to help others navigate the tricky waters of balancing work and family life while pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams. Lindsay's approach is a blend of strategy, mentorship, and adventure, encouraging her clients to think big, take risks, and embrace the exhilarating journey of building a business on their terms.


Elsa Austin

Since we began working together, we have focused on using our market dominating position that you recommended to gain more business, and I am pleased to report that within just three weeks, we have already doubled our monthly income. Your guidance and expertise have been invaluable in this process, and I can't thank you enough.

Misha Fayant

I highly recommend Lindsay as a business consultant because she has the understanding and direction that can help just about anyone's business. Her advice is always on point.

Reina Harris

I value Lindsay's help tremendously. I struggled with online systems and tech until I met Lindsay. Her trainings and patience has helped me navigate the online space more confidently.


Let me help you explore where your limit as an entrepreneur is!

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