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Introducing our Exclusive 3-Day Workshop:

Are you an alternative wellness practitioner juggling multiple hats, feeling overwhelmed by the demands of your business? It's time to step out of the chaos and into clarity!

Join us for a transformative 3-day journey, where you'll unlock the secrets to organizing and streamlining your business for maximum efficiency and profit. Say goodbye to overwhelm and hello to success!

🔍 What You'll Discover:

- Learn the 5 Key Areas to Streamline Your Business

- Proven Strategies to Boost Profit and Efficiency

- Step-by-Step Guidance on Building Effective Systems

- Actionable Tips to Reclaim Your Valuable Time NOW!

But wait, there's more! Participants who join early and actively engage in the group will have the chance to WIN exciting prizes, including:

- 6 Months FREE Access to our Pre-Built CRM System with all the systems in place you need.

- Additional Prizes Valued at Over $3500!

🗓️ Event Details:

- Date: July 9th, 10th, 11th at 12:00 PM PST | 3:00 PM EST

- Location: Exclusive Facebook Group

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Join us July 9th, 10th & 11th at 12:00pm PST/ 3:00pm EST.

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Meet Your Coaches

Lindsay Sutherland is a dynamic business consultant specializing in marketing and profitability. With over 20 years of experience in the automotive industry, where she excelled in sales, marketing, and internet lead management, Lindsay brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. Additionally, as the co-owner of a local solar construction company, she understands the intricacies of running a successful business firsthand. With her strategic insights, Lindsay has helped numerous businesses optimize lead flow, enhance profitability, and craft compelling brand messages targeted at the right audience. Her expertise spans across various marketing channels, and her goal is to assist mastermind participants in building profitable businesses without feeling overwhelmed by marketing efforts.


Emily Tornatore is a seasoned business organizer with expertise in creating efficient systems that leverage automation, technology, and practicality. With years of experience owning and operating her own massage therapy practice, Emily understands the unique challenges faced by wellness practitioners firsthand.

Her focus is on empowering businesses to scale seamlessly while maintaining quality customer service and minimizing stress for the team. As a successful entrepreneur in the alternative wellness industry, Emily brings real-world insights and proven strategies to the table.

In the Pathway to Thrive Mastermind, Emily leads the systems portion, guiding participants to implement streamlined processes that drive growth and sustainability.

"Every business owner wearing all the hats in their business needs to attend this training."

-Angie Schmeltzer,

Previous workshop attendee